certification center

    We save your time because we realize importance of every minute in business.


    Our professional team is your guarantee of success and time cost economy in obtaining any Certificate.


    Experience in collaboration with government certification authorities allows us to complete Client’s tasks effectively.

We provide our Clients with full SPECRTUM of certification services.

Our mission is to provide our Clients with professional and high quality solutions in certification. We use our experience in cooperation with state authorities in the field of certification in order to meet the goal of clients. Our experience helps to save time of our Clients.

Certification refers to the confirmation of certain characteristics of the products (goods), its characteristics should meet all the requirements established by the laws of the Russian Federation. This confirmation must be provided by independent from the producer and the consumer organization in writing.
All goods sold in Russia must correspond to a list of requirements. First of all it certifies quality of products and protects consumers’ rights.

Cooperation with “SPECTR” will provide you with:

  • professional consulting in application of normative documents required for certain products (goods);
  • ability to introduce goods on the Russian market;
  • registration of all necessary documents in any of the Ministries and Departments of the of the Russian Federation.

Full SPECTRUM of services:

  • Certification and declaration of products for compliance with the Technical Regulations of the Russian Federation
  • Permissions and exemption letters
  • Conclusions
  • Licenses and Statements

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